Sunday, August 16, 2009

Epic Fail

Jesus, can't the Mets do anything right? I mean, this entire season has been a double serving of fail. But the one remaining major league-caliber position player on the team gets beaned in the head, and you can't even retaliate properly? FAIL.

Santana, your heart was in the right place, you just couldn't get it done. Just like the Mets always can't get it done.

God, this reminds me of another time a team spectacularly failed to protect their star player after a concussive beaning. Thankfully the Mets don't have any shameful incidents like that in their past, the memory of which I would have to kill with cheap bourbon. Yes, thank God that never happened.

PS -- Matt Cain, I'm sure it was an accident. But tipping your hat to the crowd afterward was not.

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