Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mets Creep Back Towards Mediocrity

Well, my pledge to not watch the Mets for a week lasted all of one day.  Gar.  Anyway, Mets win a series against the division leaders, so I guess I should be happy.  Of course, if you have to rely on home runs from Endy Chavez and Luis Castillo, you're not going to win too many games.

But screw it; a win is a win.

Got a new article up at MetsGeek about Willie Randolph's atrocious bullpen management, too.  Apparently judging the impact of managers is all the sabermetric rage (Thanks, John).

Also, the 'Geeks jokingly switched the site to RaysGeek, so we could finally follow a winner.  Funny.  The Mets have since won two in a row, so I assume that it'll stay RaysGeek until the Mets lose.  A player on a streak has to respect the streak.


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